BRS specializes in mining, mine land reclamation, permitting, and geological projects. Since its founding 1986, BRS has completed key technical and managerial roles on over 100 mining and mine reclamation projects.  

Mr. Beahm has been BRS’ Principal Engineer and Project Manager for 25 years on a variety of mining and mine reclamation projects. Mr. Beahm has a proven track record in all types of mining and mine reclamation projects including both surface and underground mines, mine inventory projects, and tailings projects for both private and public clients. Mr. Beahm has been instrumental in development of standards and protocols in use today for all types of reclamation, and has consistently set high standards for work performance. Mr. Beahm’s project approach effectively addresses all project aspects including consents and clearances, coordination with all interested parties, regulatory compliance, timely project flow; effective design, construction, and contract management, cost control, and innovative techniques. As owner and manager of BRS, Mr. Beahm has assembled and developed a team of professionals unequaled in mining projects by promoting individual growth and responsibility.  

BRS Inc. is currently managing 5 active mine reclamation projects on behalf of the State of Wyoming. These projects include 3 coal and 2 uranium projects; have multiple sites and/or phases; require professional services with respect to site investigation, design and construction management; and all have required environmental assessment and clearances. During the past five years BRS has managed 5 or more major construction projects annually with an aggregate cost of approximately $8,000,000 per year.