BS Chemical Engineer, Colorado School of Mines

Professional Experience

Kinetics Lab Ammonia Rate Law October to December 2017

  • Operated differential reactor and determined conversion of ammonia into nitrogen and hydrogen.
  • Created a non-linear confidence interval calculator in excel to determine 90% CI from regression.
  • Utilized VBA and a reaction id integer to allow easily interchangeable rate laws evaluation by only changing one cell.
    Summer Field Session July to August 2017
  • Operated and analyzed distillation columns, calibrations, and usage of gas chromatography units, derivation of Murphree tray efficiencies.
  • Analyzed pressure swing adsorption columns and compared experimental and theoretical values for breakthrough time, ideal time, and saturation capacity.
  • Compiled and analyzed data from heat exchangers and compared to respective forced convection heat transfer correlations.
  • Determined permeability of nitrogen and oxygen through a membrane under varying temperatures and pressures.

Process Dynamics and Control April to May 2018

  • Worked alongside IMC and Ziegler–Nichols tuning on tank level control experiment and flowrate control.
  • Performed step test analysis on system to determine transfer function parameters.

Project Experience

Lunar Regolith Refueling Station March to May 2018

  • Supervised the development of hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen liquefaction process with 50% oxygen recovery and full recycle hydrogen and nitrogen loops in ASPEN Plus.
  • Operated VBA mouse tracer to gather data points from lunar volatiles temperature release mass spectrometry and produce a reasonable approximation of volatile release composition and quantity.
  • Applied heat integration to reduce heating costs.
  • Utilized hierarchy blocks for modular design of key processes improving stream organization and reducing calculation time.