Mine Engineer

BS Mining Engineering, Colorado School of Mines


Mr. Wood is an Engineer-In-Training in mining engineering.  Mr. Wood is experienced with mine planning and mine reclamation. Mr. Wood is proficient with AutoCAD and other resource software. Since joining BRS, he has worked as a construction manager for surface and underground coal and uranium mine reclamation projects, and surface and underground mine design.

In 2018, Mr. wood was the site engineer and project manager for the Stagecoach drilling and grouting project. This was a 150 day construction project which was completed at a cost of approximately $4.5 million.

Representative BRS experience in construction inspection for mine reclamation projects include:

  • AML 17.6B-1A, Stagecoach Drilling and Grouting Project
  • AML 17.6B-1B, Reliance 1500 Main Drilling and Grouting Project
  • AML 17.6B-1C, Reliance 1500 Main Drilling and Grouting Project
  • AML 17.6B-4A, Almy County Road 108 Drilling and Grouting Project
  • AML 17H-2C, Superior Drainage Project
  • AML 63-P3, Dave Johnston Mine Reclamation Project

Mr. Wood assisted in data entry, geophysical log interpretation, database verification, weather data collection, geologic resource modeling, and preliminary economic feasibility.


MSHA Certified