Associate Degree, North American School of Surveying and Mapping

Certificate, International Correspondence school of Mechanical Engineering

Surveying (Plane And Gps), Computer Aided Design And Drafting

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:                                                         

Mine Reclamation:

Mr. Gavin has performed mine surveying and engineering technician roles for over 30 years on mining and mine reclamation projects for both the private and public sector.  Mr. Gavin is proficient in both plane and GPS surveying techniques, and has worked extensively with GPS systems since the early development of the field.  Typical surveying tasks include establishment of state plane coordinate systems and survey control, ownership consents, work with aerial mapping contractors, topographic mapping, and preparation of easements.  During construction, Mr. Gavin performs construction staking, original ground surveys, and final ground surveys and volumetric calculations for large scale earthworks projects.  Mr. Gavin is proficient in earthworks design and mining software, has participated in the development of plans and specifications, has performed construction management roles, and is a certified mine foreman.

Mr. Gavin has been instrumental in the implementation of the “Natural Regrade” reclamation techniques on AML projects.  These projects require either intensive field staking or GPS controlled mobile equipment.  Mr. Gavin has interfaced directly with reclamation contractors to insure accurate and efficient implementation of the “Natural Regrade” designs in the field.

Representative mine reclamation projects include: 

AML 16G – Day Loma Project: This project consisted of 1,000 acres open pit and mine spoils and required services for various phases of the project including development of the master plan which emphasized natural regrade. Mr. Gavin established survey control, developed the DEM for designs, completed volumetric surveys, construction staking, and coordinated contractor GPS control.

AML Project 17 H – Statewide Coal Reclamation Project: This project has been completed of several years, with 15 major contracts and several statewide projects, all completed within budget and without any construction related claims. Five of the projects included natural regrade.  Mr. Gavin has provided topographic surveys, DEM, construction staking, and GPS control for these projects.

AML 8.1 and 8.1-II – Statewide Abandoned Mine Land Inventory: These projects pioneered use of historic mine mapping to aid mine inventories.  BRS participated in both inventory projects for both coal and non-coal including the majority of the uranium projects. Mr. Gavin participated in field inventories.

AML 16 N – D9 & K Pit Reclamation Project: This project reclaimed over 8,800 linear feet of highwall, restoring 235 acres of intensely disturbed mine lands and was the first project to utilize natural regrade methods in Wyoming.  Mr. Gavin provided survey control, construction staking, and assisted with construction management for this project.

AML Project 16 L – Sunset Pit Reclamation Project: This required treatment acid mine waters with elevated radionuclides in a ground water impoundment with 200 foot highwalls. Mr. Gavin provided survey control, construction staking, and assisted with construction management for this project.

AML 16 A & F – John Gunnel and Andria Hunter Reclamation Projects. Mr. Gavin provided survey control, construction staking, and assisted with construction management for these project.

Representative Geologic and Mining Projects:

Wyoming ISR projects including: Antelope/JAB, Moore Ranch, Peterson, Barge, Allemand-Ross, and South Sweetwater.

Conventional Mine Projects including:  Energy fuels Resources (formerly Titan) Sheep Mountain – Open Pit and Underground – WY; JAB open pit – WY; and Velvet, Wood, and Frank M – Underground – UT.

Responsibilities on these projects have included establishment of primary survey control, rectification of historic data to modern systems, survey of drill holes (new and historic) and site topography and mapping for design and permitting.

With respect to the Sheep Mountain Project, Mr. Gavin was responsible for:

  • Land and Surface Ownership
    • Reviewed mining claims, corrected, mineral fillings, and staked and filed new claims.
    • Met with surface owners with respect to leases and access.
  • Surveying and Mapping
    • Established State Plane survey control.
    • Set control for and coordinated aerial mapping.
    • Developed digital terrain modeling.

Civil / Municipal Project Experience:                                                         

Mr. Gavin has performed surveying, design, and construction management roles on civil and municipal projects including municipal water supply and distribution systems, surface water control systems, and residential and infrastructure construction projects.  Typical responsibilities included surveying and mapping, subdivision planning, pipeline route analysis, design of rural bridges, volumetric calculations, and architectural drafting.

Representative projects include:  WWDC – Washakie Rural and McNutt Water Supply Projects, City of Kirksville, MO, AML 7F-5 Creek Surface Water Control Project


  • Wyoming Society of Professional Engineers
  • State of Wyoming Certified Mine Foreman
  • MSHA Certified