Gary Gavin

Gary Gavin is a Certified Mine Foreman in the State of Wyoming. He has an Associate’s Degree from the North American School of Surveying and Mapping as well as a Certificate from the International Correspondence School of Mechanical Engineering. He is a Member of Wyoming Society of Professional Engineers and is MSHA Certified. Mr. Gavin has performed mine surveying and engineering technician roles for over 30 years on mining and mine reclamation projects for both the private and public sector.

Mr. Gavin is proficient in both plane and GPS surveying techniques, and has worked extensively with GPS systems since the early development of the field.  Typical surveying tasks include establishment of state plane coordinate systems and survey control, ownership consents, work with aerial mapping contractors, topographic mapping, and preparation of easements.  During construction, Mr. Gavin performs construction staking, original ground surveys, and final ground surveys and volumetric calculations for large scale earthworks projects.

Mr. Gavin is proficient in earthworks design and mining software, has participated in the development of plans and specifications, has performed construction management roles, and is a certified mine foreman.Mr. Gavin has performed surveying, design, and construction management roles on civil and municipal projects including municipal water supply and distribution systems, surface water control systems, and residential and infrastructure construction projects.  Typical responsibilities included surveying and mapping, subdivision planning, pipeline route analysis, design of rural bridges, volumetric calculations, and architectural drafting.